Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A jig and a cardigan

It sounds very exciting doesn't it a jig and a cardigan well, it is for me. She slept through the night yippee (dancing a jig) except I got up at 5.30 thinking why haven't you woken me up. Just in time too as we leave tomorrow for our summer holiday in our little caravan to hopefully sunny France. And in the nick of time her passport arrived, how's that for cutting it fine. And the cardigan you ask well I have finished her first cardigan and the first piece of clothing I have made for her.

I love the buttons I have chosen, I think they are old because they look it. I got them from a car boot sale last year and they are my favourite. I love buttons, I think they deserve their own post. The flower detail were easy to do and they make it very cheery indeed.

Her blanket is finished too. (I hope you don't notice i still have some many ends to sew in.)

And here is the wooden printers tray I have been working on it is yet to be hung in its final position but I have put a few treasures in it to see how it will look. Isn't mod podge great.

And I have been busy making spiced chocolate brownies presents for OB's pre school teachers  and on the label a crocheted owl from a pattern from etsy- ATERGcrochet paaterns.

Well we are off on our holidays in a few hours see you when we get back.
x x x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A cunning plan

A few days ago a little parcel arrived from Jane at little teawagon.
I have plans to turn this

and this

into something pretty.

 Watch this space...i hope it works!!! What plans do you have this weekend? X x x