Friday, 24 June 2011

Driving me potty

We have been potty training for a few weeks now, we have good days and bad days and I think it is going to take quite a long time. I think people say boys do take longer.

As a reward for his potty training we have been moving little OB into his big boy room this week. I was more excited than him. Before he was born I felt like I couldn't get excited before he arrived as I suffers from a few problems so I never got to do the nursery decorating in case I jinxed it. So I have really indulged in everything I ever wanted for him. Though firstly we had to do boring stuff like replastering and painting and lots of dust and mess. And clearing up a room that was used to dump stuff we didn't know where to put. The whole of the upstairs has been a real mess and it is great to get everything neat and tidy for 5 mins at least.

We bought his new bed and furniture from ikea which looks really good. It has a tent over the top which makes it looks like a den, we could hardy remove him from the Ikea's display. When he was little I bought his bedding from Babou and it turned out to be lovely quality. I love having well ironed sheets so I bought from there again new curtains, quilt and sheets. The overall look is very fresh, soft and cosy. Hopefully he will be able to use them for years and years.

I also invested in stickers to make a mural for one blank wall and I am really impressed with the overall result. Helicopters, diggers, dumpers and sky scrapers all the things he loves.

We have my nan visiting this week which is lovely she is 86 buts still seems alot younger to me she has a positive outlook on life which continually inspires me and she has so many interesting nostalgic stories to tell. I could listen for hours about where she used to live in London with her parents and sister and aunt's family living next door. The parties they had and fun even in the dark days of the war. She tells me about the clothes they used to make sewing and crochet which is were I get my interest from. So far we have gone shopping, had lunch in a country pub, visited Ikea for the umpteenth time and been to the boot sale. So a great week so far and the weather hasn't been too bad either.

More progress on my springtime throw its almost finished I just need to crochet 436 squares together wish me luck.

What happened here? Are those little feet I can see in the corner?

Have a great weekend may it be filled with pretty things and sunshine.