Friday, 17 February 2012

Be mine ..

This week has mostly been filled with entertaining little people and baking. I have found loads of inspiration from other blogs.
Valentines heart biscuits from yvestown for my sweet heart.

I found this on hearthandmade uk and just had to make it for my friend's birthday.

The cake inside is pink but because the yolk from my chickens is bright yellow it went more of a retro orange colour. I just love the aqua colour for the icing though.

I have wanted one of these for ages but could never justify £17 but thanks to a sale bargain £5 at Cath Kidston i now have prettied my ironing board.
I thought we would go shopping for baby stuff today I don't need much another monitor, a nice outfit to bring it home in and I want to get some wool to crochet a little hat. When OB was born my other half didn't find the hat I bought in time and before we knew it a pink hat was on my little boy. So the first photos we have are of a little boy in a not- so- boy- coloured- hat. That's not happening again I am going to have it ready by the bed this time. I found a pattern on raverly that I like which is suitable for a boy or girl seeing as we don't know what it is but is it too over the top?

Little Bear hat with sweet texture and optional flower
Obviously I won't make the flower or I'll make it removable. I just like the texture, oh and the cute bear ears.

Have a lovely weekend,