Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I did it!!

Well its DONE, I 've finishedImy worn and washed quilt and i love it, I love that I made it all by myself but mostly I love it because I did the binding and I cracked it with the help of angry chicken she has a very neat little video tutorial. If you struggle to get your head around binding as I did then I advise you to watch her video. Thank you Amy Karol of angry chicken.

So here it is my properly finished patchwork blanket......
Beautiful purple flower binding handmade by Blondes Backyard on folksy made from a vintage sheet. Just lucky it matched perfectly and with my new found knowledge was a breeze to attach.
A lovely mixture of colours and textures the worn and washed fabrics are so soft.

The binding did take quite a while as I hand sewed one side and machined the other.

As you can see it has furry approval too.

''How dare you disturb me taking pictures for your silly blog I am trying to sleep!''

Have a lovely craft filled week,

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Chugging on

Oh dear... my ideal of blogging once a week isn't working very well.

Here's what we have been up to recently we have had a mini break away in Sussex. I bought my OH a diesel train driving experience on the Kent and East Sussex line. He got to ride in the cab and help the driver, halfway there Little OB got to ride in the cab with his Daddy and toot the horn on the train which he really enjoyed. He reeeaaaalllyy loves trains, well anything with wheels that moves he is not too fussy diggers, dumpers, rollers, race cars you get the idea. So it was a train based holiday really we also went on the Romney, Hythe and Dimchurch miniture railway both were a bit hit with both my boys. Along the journey we got to visit Christopher Lloyd's garden at Great Dixter and Derek Jarman's garden in Dungeness.

Great Dixter
 Derek Jarman's Garden at Dungeness

 I don't know If I have said before but I used to be a garden design before my wally of a boss ran his company into the ground. So wherever I am I love to visit great gardens. This is my favourite time of year for plants. Foxglove being my absolute favourites.
I also got to do a bit of my Springtime blanket I did my first public crocheting. Luckily no one stopped and stared or I may have had to stop, another fifty squares done, I think I have about eighty to do to finish I'll keep chugging on.
Little OB loved running about at Great Dixter, I love this photo, carefree and innocent just as childhood should be.
I have a Ta Dah moment coming up my quilt is finished hoooray.
Have a great week,
Love Sarah