Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Glacier Vest

I have been a busy bee testing patterns again. This time the Glacier Vest from Gracious threads. I was so pleased I could take part in this one as I love these little furry vests for layering. Little Miss isn't too keen on cardigans but this is a good half way house. I guess she doesn't like being restricted but this offers warmth without restricting her movement.

It was a really simple sew which could be completed within a couple of hours if that?! And you get to use faux fur who knew there were so many different types. I had seen this particular faux fur on Paper and String's website last year and held it in the back of my mind for such a project. I love the outcome and little Miss likes it too which is the most important thing. It's on sale until the 24th September go get yours here

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Cocoon dress

Recently I had the opportunity to test the new Cocoon dress from Heidi and Finn. It's super exciting testing new patterns and this one was no exception. The pattern set out new challenges for me an exposed zip and unusual fabrics. It called for something which held it's shape- neoprene, scuba knit or sweat shirting. So I was straight on the Internet as soon as I had been chosen choosing something suitable. I came across two scuba knits and bought them asap.

However, about 4 days later they still hadn't arrived. Panicking I searched my stash for something suitable and found a reversible double fleece and a wool mix. Both were suitable so I started and within a few hours they were done, easy as pie.

I did a colour blocked version without the zip or pockets as it was quite bulky.

This is the wool mix version, I bought this fabric for £1 at a local craft jumble, a total bargain dress and my favourite. She looks so smart in it, it's hard to tell but the fabric is black with flecks of white and red.

I found out later my package had been returned to the sender as the post office used the return address as the address to send to😞, anyway they were sent again and I have more suitable fabric to play with😀
This is really a great pattern, easy to follow, fun and quick. I have another few planned for the winter months paired with thick tights and boots she will look smart and be comfortable.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Dino roar and fresh stitch patterns

I have been pattern testing again, this time for Fresh Stitch patterns. I got to try a boat neck top and baby harem pants in jersey fabric. I have told a bit of jersey sewing lately and I am totally hooked. It's so quick and easy and looks so professional. We now stock some reasonably priced jersey in our fabric shop however I used my new jersey from Lillestoff, I love this dinosaur print with exploding volcanoes and prehistoric creatures.

I chose to make for my sister's little boy. So I teamed the dinosaur print with a petrol blue and white stripe with bright orange cuffs to match the dino print.
I love how it turned out but the trousers in an age 1 were just so huge on his tiny frame I guess he is small for his age. The top fitted perfectly and the instructions were easy to follow with great diagrams to help too. Get your pattern now while they are still reduced here

Sunday, 7 June 2015

oh buttons!

Pinterest is dangerous, my Dad has started making buttons for me out of tree trunks, after i found a pin i liked of oversized buttons on a mantlepiece.
These are mine
 Here one i added sparkles to
He has gone a bit button crazy 😀

Monday, 11 May 2015

Zipper pouch tutorial

Well, this is a first for me my first tutorial! I was thinking what can I make for all the teachers this year, that won't cost the earth or won't take too long. Then it hit me we had the perfect Apple fabric in our shop, a pencil/ makeup case is cute but useful. 
So here goes-
1. Decide on your size and cut four pieces of fabric exactly the same size - two lining and two of your main fabric
Grab a zip of the right length, if you have purchased a kit from our Facebook shop you can skip this stage as it's all ready in your kit.
2. Take one lining piece, one main and the zip. Lay the lining down right side up, lay the zip right side up on the edge of the lining. Then take the main fabric and lay it right side down and pin all the layers together. 

3. Now change to a zipper foot on your machine and sew down the zip nearest to the edge of the fabric.

4. Next flip the two layers together and edge stitch on the right side of the main fabric. This stops the fabric from moving when you use the zip. Make sure you keep the two layers tight when edge stitching so it is not baggy near the zipper. Sometimes you have to move the zip closer to get a straight line as it gets in the way.

5. Next do the same with the other side. You will need to lay the main fabric down on the edge of the zip right side down. Then lay the lining on top right side up.
Flip the pieces around and edge stitch the other side keeping the fabric taut away from the zip. Edge stitching both main and lining fabric together.
6. Next move the fabric around again so the main fabric are right sides together and the lining pieces are right sides together.
7.Pin the sides together and sew around the sides and along the bottom. Make sure you leave a hole for turning and reach in to unzip the zipper to be able to turn. When you go over the zip do a few back stitches to make sure it is really secure.
8. When leaving a hole for turning sew along stop and continue to sew to the edge of the fabric. This will create a strong turning hole and the seam allowance will be forced inside creating a neat closure. See picture for detail.
9. Clip the corners and trim the seam allowance to reduce bulk. Trim the zip if you need to.
10. Turn the pouch in the right way, finger press and poke out the corners.
11. Now you have to neatly stitch the turning hole closed and press. Stand back and marvel at what you have achieved 🍎 give to teacher and forever be teacher's pet x

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Friday, 1 May 2015

Tree climbing days

Yet again I had the pleasure of testing a new pattern for Biglittle, who has just had a baby boy, yay Congratulations!
Perfect for summer adventures the tree climbing pants is a really fun, easy pattern and quick to whip up a pair during a nap time. It's also unisex so you can have twice as much fun plus there are loads of variations you can try out. I can't wait to try out a few more ideas and make them for both my little stitches. Lisa is offering a discount at the moment so do not delay use code TCP30 on etsy to receive the pattern for $4.85 USD until Sunday May 3rd!


Sunday, 29 March 2015

Little Stitch and me

I tried facebook for the first time at the beginning of March I have always been a bit wary of it wondering why people want to see what people had for breakfast or where they have been on holiday. Little did I know about the facebook revelation that small businesses sell on there, especially crafty people. I have bought some lovely things from very talented people.

Well, my husband and my Nan, especially,  are always bugging me to start sewing for other people so I decided to give it a go. I lauched at the beginning of March and my page seems to be growing steadily with more interest. I have now got a small rail of clothes in a local shabby chic craft shop called 'Susie's' in Maldon High Street which i am adding to all the time. We also have started a FB page for our extra fabric that we haven't used which is going crazy at the moment.
I have now got 17 dresses to make and am booked up until the middle of the Summer so things are looking very bright. I am quite amazed at the FB phenomenon it has taken me by surprise and i am loving every minute so far. I am doing something that i love and getting paid for it you can't ask any more than that.