Monday, 28 February 2011

itching for spring to spring

I had high hopes for the weekend and it had a good start with a eggy breakfast. I hoped to be able to get out in the garden. Unfortunatly the rain put pay to that on saturday so we decided to visit the garden centres for some inspiration and some seed shopping. Sunday the sun shone and we got our wellies on and wrapped up warm.

We found burrowing mini beasts hiding from the cold waiting for spring.
And we moved plants about to fill in blank spaces, hellebores, and foxgloves my absolute favourites. I would fill the whole garden with them if I could. I grow them from seed every year I just love the tall spikes of tubular flowers and so do the bees. I can't wait to get started growing the veg and flowers this year. I can't wait for spring and a bit of warmth. I am a bit fed up with the cold, chopping wood and stoking the fire.

Although some of us would prefer that winter goes on a bit longer.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Flowers, Chocolate and stars

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Its been a while, various things really having flu for most of January and doing lots of overtime at work whenever possible. Now that's all done and dusted and LO has started pre- school ---let the crafting begin.

My latest project is a patchwork blanket for the little one. I started it in October and its almost done. I bought a few jelly rolls from Kim at worn and washed. If you don't know she recycles old fabric from clothes, sheets etc. She cuts the fabric into jelly roll strips so no two rolls are ever the same. I love the concept and its really fun piecing them together to create something absolutely unique. I am also making a matching cushion using 2'' squares, fiddly but cute.
What do you think? I think I can count this as one of monthly makes so I will upload the finished photo when I get some descent light.

Despite not posting anything for ages I have been looking through loads of blogs looking for inspiration in these cold winter months. Lucy at Attic 24 has delivered- love, love, love her work. Recently she has discovered a Japanese shawl made of colourful flower motifs. I haven't been crocheting for long so I impressed myself by interpreting the stitch diagram-

getting very excited - it actually looks like Lucy's. Wow love it, hmm what colours, should I buy more wool? Probably not I should use some of my stash, but what if I haven't got the right colours, might just have a quick look on 'get knitted'. A shawl, scarf or something else?
Of course I 'll need the book with the pattern in to, Motif book 5 I found it here thanks to Lucy. I am becoming increasing obsessed with the green granny square cardigan I have seen in the book. I need it in my life.

 I will have to wait to get the book to see if I can attempt it. It look easyish? Doesn't it? Actually I like alot of the projects that I have seen which could prove an expensive book to buy, with all the trips to the wool shop. Lots of hooky action to come

Our Christmas didn't go exactly to plan with me coming down with the flu on Christmas Eve so alot of the things I wanted to do weren't done. So I have caught up on one of these things today. I really wanted to make some peppermint bark, I had seen it on Little Cotton Rabbits blog. Julie made it for her children's teachers as a christmas gift. I was intrigued and had to make it, so today I did and wow it is good. A bit stickly if you eat too much but the dark chocolate ganache is goooooooddd. I have to now keep away from the fridge as I can hear it calling to me.

Happy weekend to all.