Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Let the Celebration begin

It was my birthday on Saturday so the OH has took a few days off so we can have a week long celebration, with lots of days trips and meals out. I do like to drag it out.
We had an exciting trip to London on Wednesday for the Country living fair in Islington. It was great fun and some really interesting stalls. There were loads of vintage stalls which were all really busy so much so that we weren't able to get in them without resorting to pushing and shoving with elbows out which we would not do. I lost out on a big jar of buttons, threads, thimbles and other vinatge sewing goodies because I am too polite, 'No,no you go first...' These fair goers are serious they don't care for anyone, elbows out and in they charge bagging the bargains. Oh well it saved me money.

The most exciting thing was meeting the author of the book I am loving at the moment, 'Cute and easy crochet' - Nicki Trench. I know I keep going on about but its great easy to follow instructions and the projects are so cute. I got to see the blanket I am working on at the moment and its gorgeous. I have now made 132 squares. Only 268 to do.

Today we had lunch out at the Barge Inn in Battlesbridge which is where they is an antique centre. Meatballs and linguine yummy. I lusted after the restored chair in a shop called 'Amy's Attic' again. At a price tag of £375 I think it will stay in the shop. Sorry I don't have a photo I was too scared to ask.

We had an inpromptu trip to Mersea Island in our little old caravan. The weather on Saturday was miserable windy and cold but we had friends to visit so despite the weather we had a lovely day. I got a brand new camera for my birthday a canon powershot its fantastic so no more excuses for rubbish photos. I do love a new camera and this one is full of gadgets not to mention the 'wink' detector, which I found hilarious. I also got some more of my favourite Susie Watson china to add to my collection.

Yesterday we had a trip up to Suffolk to visit my Nan. Whilst driving we caught sight of some Mad March Hares chasing about the fields so I'll leave you with the pictures I took.

Have a lovely fun filled week.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Awards and creations

Thanks to pinkfluffywarrior for my blog award my first one which is great. Now I have to pass it on to five other blogs. I choose...
1.Clever Cheshire Cats
2.Curlew Country
3.Tales from Cuckoo Land
4.Teawagon tales
5.Little Cotton Rabbits

If you choose to accept the award please pass them on to five other blogs. Obviously if you don't want to take part don't worry, its not compulsory just a bit of fun. Just paste the award on your blog and invite five other blogs to do the same.

 I saw this beautiful peacock at the easter barn I visited at the weekend, isn't his tail gorgeous, amazing things exist in nature don't they. I was looking for some pretty gingham ribbon and a twiggy heart to hang on my office door when its eventually finished. I found both and will show you when I use them.

If you pop over to Julia Crossland's blog you will see she has started  'Being creative'. I have signed up and our theme this month is 'garden'. The point being that we make time during the month to do something creative, perhaps in a medium we haven't used for a while or something totally different, setting aside time to create. I haven't done anything yet and I know I am running out of time but I am sure I will be able to do something and there aren't any strict rules so I won't have to sit in the corner with the dunces hat on.

I succumb to some wool buying this week I couldn't resist these Amy Butler colours. I don't have a project in mind yet so they we stay in my basket until I think of something. I just loooovveee them they are so soft and colourful.
Little OB's teddy bear is finished, I put him in his cot and hoped he would find him in the morning and love him. So here is my teddy bear Ta dah moment. At the moment he is the nameless crochet bear.Just chilling out on the settee.

Bye for now,


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Steamy windows

Don't be too quick to jump to conclusions assuming what is happening in that steamed up car in the car park.

It's the steam coming off the hook of an innocent secret crocheter hooking a few more squares in her lunch break.
I have targeted myself to making 10 squares a day and in a month and a half I will have a beautiful snuggly blanket.

This is from my new book Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench its a lovely book full of candy coloured wool made into jam pot covers, blankets, egg cosies and teddy bears.

Perfect spring coloured eye candy, ooohh and delicious coffee and walnut cake.

Here is my other project I am still working on my japanese flowers, I have stopped as although I love all the colours I have chosen I'm not sure whether I would wear a shawl like this. I might just use white, light blue and dark blue...? Not sure.

Any whoo my attention has been diverted again this time into a teddy bear for little bobble- he looked through my book and the teddy bears at the end caught his attention. He is not usually bothered by furry stuffed toys so I was surprised. I want him to give up his beloved muslins that he has cuddled since he was a baby so I will bribe him with the lure of a crocheted teddy. I show him each morning how far I have got and he seems impressed- well I am anyway. I really surprise myself with how versatile crochet is and how easy it is to make things.
He has a bit of a pointy nose doesn't he.

Well I'll leave you with a cheeky little spike who is enjoying my newly made bed in the sun. He tucked himself in.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Happy Birthday


To you

I have lots of spring birthdays which is lovely but its a busy time of year my sister, my husband, my cousin, two of my friends and me all within a month.

Some cheery spring flowers emerging, loving the acid green especially with purple crocuses.