Monday, 22 July 2013

My winnings...

Ha ha I did actually win a trophy... can't believe it really. I only do it for a bit of fun. I get really embarrassed when any attention is on me so going up for my trophy was embarrassing, I go bright head and keep my head low. I have always been shy I guess it stems from childhood and going to a really strict school run by nuns, you didn't dare make a sound especially at lunch. Anyway enough psycho- analysing.

Can't believe it but I won best exhibit in show for my bunnies. I displayed them in their bunk beds with their bed linen and extra clothes...

I also won first and second with some crochet cardigans, my roses won first which was a real laugh because I was the only entry... ha ha.

My little boy got second prize for his vegetable giraffe, he was over the moon with his 80p winning which he immediately invested in a truck.

We really had a great time and planning to win more next year.... watch out we will be back. We are going on holiday next week to France so I may go off the radar for a while. Have a lovely summer,

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Its show time!

Its that time of the year again, the village flower show. The bunting will be coming out, the smell of victoria sponge, the random splat the rat stall and the usual tacky prizes. Its all fun though, i  registered my entries on Wednesday and actually I went a bit mad. Three roses in a vase, a specimen rose, bag made from recycled material, item of crochet in wool, a patchwork item, a black and white photo and a handicraft item made by a woman. My sister came with me and thinks I am quite crazy making fun of me and making all the old ladies writing in their exercise books laugh with her cheekyness. I have entered my son too he is doing a fruit or vegetable turned into an animal, he was quite ambitious and wanted to make a giraffe so last night we raided the fridge and used alot of cocktails sticks to hold him together. I forgot to take a photo but we are going to the show soon so I will update you later.

Well, its all a bit of fun really.... But i want my trophy back... I am quietly competitive really,

My little boy has finished pre school now, those two years have flew by so quickly. So teachers presents were made a followed a fruity recipe from purlbee and made some labels from some tatty ladybird books.

Wish us luck,
Enjoy the weekend and the sunshine if its still with you, we are cloudy today and feels like it may rain,