Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Worn and Washed

Lots of pictures today, I can't wait to show you how I got on at the Worn and Washed sewing day. It was great fun I really enjoyed myself, I think everyone that went got something out of the day and everyone went home with a quilt top. Some got to the basting stage but it was just great to have a day doing something different and to just sew...

Kim had some beautiful quilts on display. I have always wanted a patchwork quilt and never knew I could make one myself. I don't like fussy quilts although I admire their craftsmanship. I like simple things, just plain squares which is why Kim's quilts really appeal to me, that and their eco credentials. 

Really I don't know anything about quilt making I only just started sewing when my Son was born two years ago as I had more time at home. I had only done curtains before that, so I am self taught. I have a few books and of course the internet is a wealth of knowledge and ideas. So anyway I digress...

This was the quilt display exhibition. I took Little OB's cot blanket to show Kim.
She really liked it and asked if she could display it which I was really chuffed about as it was only my second quilt. Its not fussy or particularly clever I think its the fabric that does the talking, soft and worn, muted colours from years of washing and well chosen patterns that Kim put together in the little pack I bought. I choose it because one of the fabrics is a red flannel with small white stars on it. Little OB loves the stars.

Some more beautiful muted coloured quilts, hand quilted.

Just look at the detail on the binding, perfect little stitches.

 I quite like the brighter colours too, this one is from the 'old swedish' fabric pack.
This is her new fabric collection 'Out of the Toy Box' inspired by old and new toys. I bought a small pack of this to try.

  I like this one with a detailed centre and a wide band of floral framing it. I might try this out.

Well here is our sewing space, we all bought our own machines, and tools. We all picked a bundles of her fabric and set about making the quilt top. I wanted to do something a bit different to everyone else as usual a little rebel sitting in the back row. So I sorted all of my bundles in the same sized strips and cut them into 5'' squares we were supposed to sew them as they were- all different length strips. Anyway I sewed the squares together and with the offcuts sewed the irregular strips together and at the end sliced them in half lengthways to make a staggered border. I was told off for breaking the rules but forgiven as I had done a couple before. I was really pleased at the end because squares really appeal to me. I didn't do too badly matching them up I thought I would use buttons if I had to, to disguise where they are not quite squared up together.

This is not the finished picture but this is on the home straight.
The colours have changed abit in the light I took the photograph, they appeal here in blue tones but actually its more purple and lavender coloured in real life.

Heres my big tahdah- still lots to do I have to get some wadding, bast it, back it and the dreaded binding....

What do you think?
I think I my fabric choice was inspired by our walk in the bluebell wood at the caravan site where we stayed overnight. I wouldn't normally choose liliacs and purples when I saw the fabric pack I thought I would try something different.
And I am pleased with the result so far.
Happy Easter again,

Friday, 15 April 2011

There is not mush room around here

We found this little guy growing in our front garden the other day. Isn't he cute, he told me his name is 'Fergus' its strange though as he sometimes moves about the garden. I found him in the muscari yesterday and strangely enough he was in my wool basket last week.

He said he liked a change of scenery sometimes.

Autually I made that up he is from a japanese amigurumi book, I have become abit addicted lately and my sister arrived this afternoon with two more books for me.

Toooo cute. I can't resist them googly eggs.

We have a busy weekend ahead, we are off in our caravan for a few days to the other side of Milton Keynes. I going on a one day sewing course hosted by Kim from 'Worn and Washed fabrics'. We are going to sew a whole quilt top in one day ready for basting at the end of the day, using her jelly rolls of recycled vintage fabrics. I don't really know alot about quilt making but I have become quite addicted to Kim's jelly rolls as they are so interesting, you never know what patterns you will get and I always unwrap them putting them in order of how much I like  love them.

This is the first ever quilt I made last year its big enough for a double bed and I quilted it on my machine every 1.5'' in diagonals, it was a labour of love thats for sure. But I absolutely love it, I love its randomness,
different sized rectangles, different textures and colours. I am often found on the settee snuggling underneath.

I am loving the recent weather so are the plants I have never seen so many flowers on my cherry trees before, the are full to bursting. I just hope I might be quicker than the birds this year so I eat them.

They has also been lots of toddler play time in the garden with new toys. We have bought a combines ball pit and paddling pool, its proving a great success. He has spent most of the day playing in it today. When his cousin came to visit today he was playing indoors, I said 'Why don't you show J# your new toy' and he ran out the back door ready to show her quicker than you can say 'easter bunny'. I have never seen him run so fast.

Talking of the easter bunny we all decorated the easter tree tonight. Taaadaahhh.

There will be a bit of mummy adjusting to get it just right or that easter bunny might be offended and not visit.

Happy Easter to all of you see you after easter.


Monday, 4 April 2011

Zooommming along

I have been trying out my new camera and taking lots of shots of the garden.

I love the zzzzooooommm lens.
I have more progress on my wonderful blanket, 200 square Tah dah moment for you.

200 Squares TAH DAH
only 236 to do. Oh dear look at all those ends to weave in.