Monday, 4 April 2011

Zooommming along

I have been trying out my new camera and taking lots of shots of the garden.

I love the zzzzooooommm lens.
I have more progress on my wonderful blanket, 200 square Tah dah moment for you.

200 Squares TAH DAH
only 236 to do. Oh dear look at all those ends to weave in.


Rachael @ CleverCheshireCats said...

Love the flower pics and your blanket will be a masterpiece when it's finished. Rachael Xx

Eileen said...

Love you pics! My next camera will be a Canon for sure. Which one did you get? The pics are beautiful and your blanket is gorgeous. You have a great blog here.


Anonymous said...

Love the flower pictures and love your granny blanket. I am working on 2 granny blankets, pff!
Question: why don't you weave in the ends right away? I do after each 10 granny's or so.

Keri On said...

Your flower photos are great! And those little granny squares are very cute! I'm having a grand time poking around your blog! Found my way here thru attic 24!

DaCraftyLady said...

love the flowers and color...and all those squares.. :) great blog..Debb

Carol said...

Hi, another hellebore fan looking at your garden, mine are now going over too but I do love them (and all late Winter/Spring flowers). Great photos.
Going to be a lovely blanket, I'd be tempted to weave in the ends of several squares every day before starting a new square then you won't have too many left to do when all the squares are finished.
Carol xx

♥coco rose♥ said...

Lovely photos! The flowers look beautiful! Your blanket is coming along nicely! I had taken a break over the Easter period but am trying to get back into it. Only managed just over 100 squares so far so feels like an age to go! Your pics are inspiring though! It really will be such a wonderful blanket when finished!

Have a super weekend!

Vanessa x