Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Let the Celebration begin

It was my birthday on Saturday so the OH has took a few days off so we can have a week long celebration, with lots of days trips and meals out. I do like to drag it out.
We had an exciting trip to London on Wednesday for the Country living fair in Islington. It was great fun and some really interesting stalls. There were loads of vintage stalls which were all really busy so much so that we weren't able to get in them without resorting to pushing and shoving with elbows out which we would not do. I lost out on a big jar of buttons, threads, thimbles and other vinatge sewing goodies because I am too polite, 'No,no you go first...' These fair goers are serious they don't care for anyone, elbows out and in they charge bagging the bargains. Oh well it saved me money.

The most exciting thing was meeting the author of the book I am loving at the moment, 'Cute and easy crochet' - Nicki Trench. I know I keep going on about but its great easy to follow instructions and the projects are so cute. I got to see the blanket I am working on at the moment and its gorgeous. I have now made 132 squares. Only 268 to do.

Today we had lunch out at the Barge Inn in Battlesbridge which is where they is an antique centre. Meatballs and linguine yummy. I lusted after the restored chair in a shop called 'Amy's Attic' again. At a price tag of £375 I think it will stay in the shop. Sorry I don't have a photo I was too scared to ask.

We had an inpromptu trip to Mersea Island in our little old caravan. The weather on Saturday was miserable windy and cold but we had friends to visit so despite the weather we had a lovely day. I got a brand new camera for my birthday a canon powershot its fantastic so no more excuses for rubbish photos. I do love a new camera and this one is full of gadgets not to mention the 'wink' detector, which I found hilarious. I also got some more of my favourite Susie Watson china to add to my collection.

Yesterday we had a trip up to Suffolk to visit my Nan. Whilst driving we caught sight of some Mad March Hares chasing about the fields so I'll leave you with the pictures I took.

Have a lovely fun filled week.


Julia said...

Oh such a bright and exciting post Sarah!! I too like to drag my birthday out and have several outings and celebrations (lol) Im glad you enjoyed yours. What a treat to meet the author of that book, the blanket looks marvellous and I cant wait to see how yours turns out.
I also love hares, whenever I go to my sister (who also lives in Suffolk) we make a point of looking for them in the big flat fields, they're beautiful!

Sending love
Julia x

Rachael @ CleverCheshireCats said...

I'm like you too, I just can't push in and always end up letting people go first. I love the pic of the hares - just wonderful. I've finally got round to sorting out posting about the award you gave to me so it should be up on my blog shortly - thank you again! Rachael Xx

♥coco rose♥ said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Ooooh wish I had paid a visit to the Country Living Fair, and that blanket looks even lovlier in your photo! I KNEW IT, I think there will be a more expensive version coming at some point! Let's hope I don't get bored half way through it! You are further along than me and it's looking awesome! I can't wait for the book to arrive actually, but I know I will start a few more projects to add to all the other ones on the go!

Cannot wait to see your finished blanket! Might give me some hope! ha ha!

Have a great rest of a day!

Vanessa xxx

♥coco rose♥ said...

Oooooh meant to say, the cake looks gorgeous! x

Missy said...

Hello, I know I'm months late but just discovered your blog and was having a butchers through it. I lurve Battlesbridge! And The Barge! I live just up the road from there. Love your blanket by the way and although I have the book, I don't think I have the staying power to finish that one.