Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Steamy windows

Don't be too quick to jump to conclusions assuming what is happening in that steamed up car in the car park.

It's the steam coming off the hook of an innocent secret crocheter hooking a few more squares in her lunch break.
I have targeted myself to making 10 squares a day and in a month and a half I will have a beautiful snuggly blanket.

This is from my new book Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench its a lovely book full of candy coloured wool made into jam pot covers, blankets, egg cosies and teddy bears.

Perfect spring coloured eye candy, ooohh and delicious coffee and walnut cake.

Here is my other project I am still working on my japanese flowers, I have stopped as although I love all the colours I have chosen I'm not sure whether I would wear a shawl like this. I might just use white, light blue and dark blue...? Not sure.

Any whoo my attention has been diverted again this time into a teddy bear for little bobble- he looked through my book and the teddy bears at the end caught his attention. He is not usually bothered by furry stuffed toys so I was surprised. I want him to give up his beloved muslins that he has cuddled since he was a baby so I will bribe him with the lure of a crocheted teddy. I show him each morning how far I have got and he seems impressed- well I am anyway. I really surprise myself with how versatile crochet is and how easy it is to make things.
He has a bit of a pointy nose doesn't he.

Well I'll leave you with a cheeky little spike who is enjoying my newly made bed in the sun. He tucked himself in.


bears footprints said...

hi im new to your blog, ive just started to crochet and i have to decided to crochet a blanket but ifeel it may take a while, your cat looks so lovely and snug under the bed covers he looks very similar to my boy chester. have a look on my blog and see what you think x

pinkfluffywarrior said...

What a cosy kitty!! Your blog is lovely.

pinkfluffywarrior said...

There is also an award on my blog for you!!