Monday, 28 February 2011

itching for spring to spring

I had high hopes for the weekend and it had a good start with a eggy breakfast. I hoped to be able to get out in the garden. Unfortunatly the rain put pay to that on saturday so we decided to visit the garden centres for some inspiration and some seed shopping. Sunday the sun shone and we got our wellies on and wrapped up warm.

We found burrowing mini beasts hiding from the cold waiting for spring.
And we moved plants about to fill in blank spaces, hellebores, and foxgloves my absolute favourites. I would fill the whole garden with them if I could. I grow them from seed every year I just love the tall spikes of tubular flowers and so do the bees. I can't wait to get started growing the veg and flowers this year. I can't wait for spring and a bit of warmth. I am a bit fed up with the cold, chopping wood and stoking the fire.

Although some of us would prefer that winter goes on a bit longer.

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Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Lovely pictures! The pussy is looking rather cozy!