Friday, 21 October 2011

Lost my mojo

I have been away for ages I know things have happened. I have totally missed the end of summer. Just before we went on our holiday my power lead for my laptop packed up. I ordered a new one but it didn't arrive for weeks and when it did it was the wrong one, so I had to reorder and wait again.

I can't blame my time away fully on technical problems as I have been having my own technical problems. Whilst we were away on holiday I discovered I am expecting again... hooorray. Then about 8 weeks of constant sickness and tiredness hit me. I have only just started to feel better at 12 weeks.. hoorrray. I totally lost my mojo, I have not read any blogs could hardly be bothered to switch on the tv let alone the laptop. I have done nothing for 8 weeks except trying to get through the day, looking after little OB and looking forward to early nights. Crochet and making has been totally blown out the window I hope I feel well enough soon to start making again because I miss it. I also want to make something beautiful for the baby. I started a ripple blanket when we was away in France and the top picture is a picnic blanket I made before we went which I intended to finish while we were away. The french must have thought I was a bit nutty crocheting on the beach in 30 degree heat. It's still unpacked in my crochet basket I can't even bear to think about doing any more to it at the moment. Hopefully my mojo will return soon.

I had my scan on Tuesday and everything is looking ok so far so fingers crossed. So you will have to bear with me until I feel that I have the energy to do anything.