Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Back again

Oh well, I have totally missed doing my Christmas and new year posts. To be honest after I started feeling less sick from morning sickness I think I got a big of blogaphobia!! I have a fancy mobile device and most days instead of turning on my laptop I have a browse through all your blogs on that. It's quicker and easier but impossible to write a blog post on far too fiddly. Anyway I am over my phobia now partly thanks to a nice email from Cuckoo basically telling me to get my bottom in gear as its been three months since my last post.

So much has happened that I decided to make a mosaic of our my latest craft projects. Mostly Christmas presents but that's old news now.

I am feeling really big at the moment and my pelvis has started to give me some problems but it will be worth it in the end only about 85 days to go now. I have been going through all little OB's baby clothes from the loft, washing and ironing and packing away in readiness for the babies arrival. Knowing my luck it will be a girl and all these blue clothes will be useless.

I have been obsessed with nest building lately trying to get all the rooms in the house in a totally finished state. And we just had to have a new king sized bed- mostly because the stray cat we adopted wee-ed (how do you spell that???) on our old mattress on Christmas day. Thanks, susie. So a trip to ikea meant a king size mattress and bed with storage drawers was purchased I have always wanted a bit more space especially as my tummy is so big now and we desperately needed more storage as all the linen has had to be removed from the nursery wardrobe. This leads nicely to my current craft obsession- crochet trimmed pillowcases. I searched for new bed linen everywhere and couldn't find anything fabulous, so I am making my own. I have long admired rosehip's pillowcases and now I can make my own. I tried out some fabrics I had in my stash as testers and I am really pleased with how they look, in fact I love them -they look like proper pillowcases.

I have just got to add the crochet to complete the look. If you would like to make some too check out this blog  you go girl . I have added the tutorial button to my side bar.

A Happy week to you all, I am off to make more pillows,