Friday, 1 July 2011

Today I am loving

I love my new boot sale find, a vintage tea tray full of beautiful roses.

Perfect for tea in the garden.

More roses in my garden they smell gorgeous and are so pretty.

When I was a kid i always wanted a playhouse in the garden with an upstairs??!! Well its a bit late but my wish has come true. My sister's friend gave us this playhouse as she was given it but it wouldn't fit in her garden. It needed a new roof and a paint so here it is fully restored.
Isn't it amazing?? I love it.
We planted the window boxes with pansies and sweet peas its so cute and our kids are so lucky. Actually i think I love it more than the kids do. I want to fill it with vintage toys so a few more trips to the boot sale are required.

I had a moment of weakness last week and bought the water carrier I loved in the Sarah Raven catalogue. It wasn't as bad as full price, well thats what I keep telling myself. I wanted to buy the green one but within about an hour of receiving the sale email they had sold out. I was trying to buy it on my phone at work but I had to keep stopping, blooming customers then they had sold out. I want it for when we go away in the caravan, I can see myself merrily skipping to the water tap bringing it back to our caravan adorned with bunting and placing it on my cath kidston inspired table. I do live in a bit of a dream world most of the time.
Its my friends birthday on Sunday so I made her a little toadstool house cake. My sister helped and we were in fits of hysterical laughter as she annouced it would need underpinning as the top began to slide off.

Have a fun filled weekend, unfortuatley I have to work boo hoo.



Annaboo said...

Love that cute tray, and the play house?- brilliant!!
May you enjoy both!

Mummy Spud said...

I love the colours you have chosen for the playhouse and that water carrier is so fab. Have a great weekend even though youre working x

Cuckoo said...

Thank you ever so for telling me where to get those stickers. Isn't Etsy wonderful! Customs not so wonderful.

How's the potty training going?

Great cake! I'm supposed to be making a cake for my in laws 40th wedding anniversary but I've all 3 boys home and working with something that closely resembles play do is a daft idea!

Gosh I am so envious of the play house, and you were given it??????!!!!