Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Which colour?

Well I have been away for a while again, apologies. I have been very busy welcoming our new bundle of Joy to the world. But what colour hat did I take with me to the hospital???

It's a girl!!!! We were convinced that the baby would be a boy so we were very surprised and happy to have a girl. My mind is racing with all the things I can make for her- dresses, teddy bears, blankets. She is a joy to look after and at the moment seems to be a contented little girl. We are so happy.

I have started a crochet blanket for her using the Amy Butler wool I was given for my birthday.

I love the bright colours, I am using a simple granny square because I think the colours do all the talking.
I knew there was a reason I bought this cute little wooden pram from the bootie last year. Little Ob did like it for a while for pushing his toy cars about, but my little girl will really appreciate it.

Have a great week,


Jane said...

Oh she's gorgeous! Look at those cheeks! Big congratulations. x

Nicole said...

Congratulations :-) She looks very snuggly in her little hat x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Oh my...she looks adorable. Hope you're looking after yourself - look forward to seeing some more pictures!
fee x

Cuckoo said...

This is my third attempt at a message. If it doesn't work I'll stamp on my lap top!

CONGRATULATIONS!! Such happy news. She is adorable with her little puffy birth face.

Take good care of yourself. Remember when the baby sleeps, CROCHET!!

thelinencloud said...

Congratulations on your new baby girl - she's beautiful! I have a little girl,now 2, after two boys and am in my element with the opportunity for girlie crafts! :-) Bee x