Sunday, 17 June 2012


It seems as though life at the moment has been one long round of feeding at the moment, baby milk, breakfast for us, the cats, the chickens, more milk, lunch, more milk, cats snacktime, more milk, dinner, more milk and feed the ever hungry cats again. So, as not much exciting stuff has happened I thought I would show you my present little pile of wips. Half wips really as each one is half finished.

This is a pretty shell cardigan in 0-3mths I have crocheted in Amy Butler belle organic dk in a sort of coral shade. This is the first garment I have made so I am happy how it is turning out. I got it from Nicki Trench's new book cute and easy baby clothes. It is supposed to have sleeves but actually I quite like it with little cap sleeves ideal for chilly afternoons in summer. I need to get a wriggle on and finish it quick because she won't fit it soon she is 7 weeks now. When has that time gone!

My next wip is a baby bootie, only one I tried to finish it to go with her jubilee dress but as it happened it rained and most of the time she was wrapped in a blanket in the buggy so no one would have seen them. Also it was very large for her do she needs to grow her feet.

The final wip is my favourite, I have named it the sweetie blanket. I love it and it's getting bigger I am up to 225 squares. I have about 150 to go. I am using belle organic again in nine different shades that I got for my birthday. It's nice to work with but sometimes splits but not too bad. I love the colours of this wool they are so bright and zingy but I must remembers its half wool so I mustn't shrink it when its washday.

What are you working on at the moment?
Bye for now, Sarah

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Carol said...

Hi Sarah ,love your creations especially the stunning 'sweetie' blanket.
My WIPs include a May Roses wreath and I've started making some patchwork hexagons but no definite plan for them as yet.
Carol xx