Monday, 1 October 2012

I absolutely love..

Besides making things I love books, especially craft books. I look to them for new ideas and techniques. When i got some redunancy money I treated myself to five new craft books it was really hard choosing and I bought more than I should because I loved them all.

I choose making children's clothes by Emma Hardy. This has some nice simple patterns in it that  I hope I can try. I am going to attempt to teach myself, I was thinking about doing a course at make and mend in Chelmsford. But I might teach myself and spend the money I save on wonderful fabric.

Little Stitches from Aneela Hoey of Comfort stitching fame. This book is super cute I am only hoping I can make time to embroider.

Printing by Hand craft books by Lena Corwin
There are some great projects in this especially the Lino printing which I used to do at school.

A field guide to Fabric Design by Kimberley Knight
This is a good resource book i haven't read it properly yet but am really excited to looking in to this 

And Prints by Heather Ross. I just love her fabric especially from munki munki. This book is fantastic if you love her work. It has a few projects I may make but I was mostly interested in the cd you get with it with lots of her discontinued prints which you can print at home or send to spoonflower to have yardage printed. At the moment I am just getting around to finish a quilt I started making with some munki munki prints, the inspiration is from Aneela over at Comfort Stitching, its a project i started about 1 year ago. I loved the prints and liked the idea of incorporating them in a quilt that was simple to make, i dont go in for fussy. I have just ordered some toadstool print for the backing and i am waiting for its delivery so i can eventually finish it.

I really want to start to think about designing my own fabrics that I can either screen print at home or through places like Spoonflower. Then I can use the fabric to make clothes for my children this is of course in my little dream world which I increasing spend a lot of time in lately. It could happen couldn't it??

All the books are great and just what I wanted, sometimes you order from Amazon  
and are disappointed I like to have a nose through the book first to see if it's what I want, so the search inside option is invaluable. 

There were plenty of books I couldn't buy that I wanted so I might share my wish list with mr bob hint hint.
Have a great week! I shall be doing some of this
Sarah x


Chloe G said...

I am SOOO jealous of your shiny new books! I would be so happy to have that pile sitting on my desk to pore over... I did lino printing at school too, and I really wish I'd had a more inspiring teacher - you can do some much with really very little.

Yay to printing your own fabric - wonderful! If I didn't already have at least a zillion other projects on the go or in my head, I'd be doing that too! Looking forward to seeing what you get up to with all that inspiration!

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Of course it can happen, just believe in yourself! Looks like you have some great books there! Ada :)

the linen cloud said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely books ... I have the same dream .. I would love to print my own fabric ... I have the Lena Corwin book which is great ... looking forward to seeing your fins=ished quilt ... Bee xx

Gillian said...

Making you own print - yes, do it! Just practice on some old sheets with fabric paint and shapes and patterns, it doesn't have to be complicated. You could have a look at this for some easy and inspiring ideas.

Great library of books you've got going on there! I know what you mean about browsing the books first - that's why bookshops are still so brilliant (although sadly not as cheap). xx

mrs Robinson said...

Oh what sweet fabrics you are making with this week... The patterns in Emma Hardy's book are sweet - I have made the dreamy baby Mary janes, the oh-so-simple tiered skirt, the baby bloomers (sized rather small) and the boys trousers which turned out rather large. But some lovely patterns! Oh, and the pinafore dress which I completed this week - come have a look at

mrsrobinson said...

Thank you for the sweet comment... my first follower! Realised that I should start blogging as taking an age to e-mail friends showing them my most recent makes- so rather exciting to now have a follower! Little Isabel should have received her parcel by now, do hope the pinafore fits...

Hazel said...

Love the book collection- craft books seem to be a weakness of mine too :) *waves hello* from a new follower, Hazel x

my little red suitcase said...

enjoy your books! I'm trying not to buy at the moment, but somehow they still keep plopping through my letter box!! hard not to....enjoy the Autumn, Heather x