Friday, 3 December 2010

Good things come to those that wait

And wait he has done. Its taken me since October 2009 to get around to finishing Little OB's advent calender. I had big plans like always too extravagant. I was inspired by the wall hangings on Susie Watson's website. I have been a fan of her china for a while and have quite a few pieces, but I also love her textiles.

Last year when I invested in my super duper sewing machine I was keen to try out all my new gadgets. So I started a wall hanging using Susie's winter house as a starting point. I used loads of different stitches and suddenly I thought it would make a great advent calender. I added pockets all around the edge and used felt to number all the pockets. I had ideas about sticking velco on the picture and putting little creatures in the pockets such as birds, stars, reindeer, geese so he could stick them on the picture. I have got about six bits ready this year so he may have to just enjoy the chocolates- nothing like leaving everything to the last minute.

Also I have exciting news that after four years of trying to buy a little cotton rabbit from Julie. I entered a random number generator competition the other day to win one of her christmas rabbits and I won.

I can't believe it. I don't have a picture yet she has all her creations in her flickr account. He is called 'Tate' how cute is his jumper, he is in the post as I speak- hopefully he doesn't get stuck in a snow drift.
Happy snow days to you, keep warm

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Jane said...

Hi, just found you via Handmade at Home, good luck with the blog, it's lovely. By the way, how did you do at the craft fair? Jane x