Wednesday, 24 November 2010

He's coming

It getting quite Christmassy around here. The temperature is dropping, snow may be on the way, and the log burner is keeping us warm.
I have listed the christmas stocking that I have made over the last few weeks on folksy hence the christmas scene. We don't usually put our decorations up until the 12th of December. They were left over from the table sale. It was quite good considering it was on Children in need night and there was very heavy fog.

I found some beautiful glass decorations in Marks and Spencer's yesterday. What do you think?

I love toadstools and the little vintage style soldier was too sweet to resist. I have looked all year for some vintage christmas baubles but found none so these will have to do. I absolutely love christmas especially getting the perfect tree and I spend hours decorating with christmas music in the background and the fire roaring away. My OH isn't interested so this year my little OB is coming up to 2 so hopefully he will want to help. Of course when he goes to bed I will have to rearrange the tree so its just so.

This a screen print I did in the summer.I got it out when I bought the decs and thought about it. I added an embroided border and green grass. I am not sure what to do with it, there are only so many cushions I need. Any ideas?

I have bought my first presents today from Cath Kidston with 15% off today it was an unexpected bargain.

Happy Wednesday
Sarah :-)

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Bumpkin Bears said...

I just love your Blog, so happy to come across it. Love your stocking at that toadstool is gorgeous, I adore Toadstools too. Maybe adding it to a little quilt or on the front of an apron! Love your chickens too. Stay warm! Catherine x