Sunday, 14 November 2010

So long Puffball and Dirty Stop out.

Its been a sad week. Two of our chickens died suddenly Dirty Stop Out on tuesday and Puffball on wednesday with no warning. We called the vet, worrying that they had something infectious. She diagnosed a respiratory disease, which she said is going around. Luckily I think we caught it in time and the remaining eight have been treated with antibiotics.

This is a painting of Puffball, a buff orpington so called because she was yellow,very large and fluffy.

Dirty Stop out was an araucana, a blue egg laying breed. She got her name because when we first got her she wouldn't go in the house at night, we would have to catch. RIP.

On a lighter note I have progressed with my blanket for Little OB. I am hand quilting in parallel lines down the strips, I love the rusticness of it.
You can see where my quilting went a little awry on the second row down. I didn't baste it together because I am too impatient for quick results and so the fabric was pulled too tightly. I have now redone the sections where this happened and its looking much better. I have the dreaded binding to do next, I will have to consult my sewing books. Any helpful tips are most welcome? Does anyone else have problems with binding? 

The roof on my studio is being started tomorrow hooray, we are having cedar shingles. It going to tone in with our summer house roof which the OH made from broken pallets last year. Hopefully i' ll have some new photos soon as long as the rain holds off.

Have a good week,

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