Tuesday, 2 November 2010

a space to call my own

My nagging and subtle hints has finally paid off my mystery building project is the best thing in the world. Seeing as my house is about to explode with fabric, wool and cotton flying out the windows my lovely, very clever I might add OH is building me my own work space- a garden office no less.

Its amazing and I am so excited. I have been planning it for many years since I was at school dreaming in the art room during many a lunch break spent painting. Over the years my design has evolved and my needs and taste have changed. Its strange how your taste changes isn't it.

I always wanted a large butler sink where I would wash my paintbrushes, a massive table for painting and huge windows to flood the room with light. During my studies to be a garden designer I dreamt of a Diamuid Gavin style building with a drop down draw bridge that would lean out over a shallow pond with water lilies and day lilies. Now I have reined in my design to suit a meagre budget and to be baby friendly. My needs have changed too, I don't paint much any more although when little O.B goes to pre school next year I may have the time. I now need a place for cutting, sewing and ironing and mostly storage. I have a large collection of fabric and wool now and have to buy it whenever I see it just in case I need it one day. Now I need loads of storage and I am not kidding...I can't help it I just love fabric.

Now my planning and dreams are coming true. A space to call my own I can't wait. Obviously there is still alot of work to do- electrics, plumbing for a sink, cladding it, a roof and then the never ending task of painting it. I have already planned my colours cream woodwork, cream windows and a sage green door. I have always wanted a sage green door, my mum and me always point out the particular colour we love when we visit cute country villages, my dad and OH are sick and tired of hearing ' thats the green, that one'.

Hope to show you a finished picture soon but I fear the budget won't last much longer and my OH will run out of steam. I won't mention the summer house he started two years ago that is still not quite finished. Here's hoping I will be in soon. This is more fabric I bought today I love the grey contasting with the bright flowers, 60's I think? See my problem I can't help it, it jumped into my hands screaming 'take me home -Just love me'

Ohh I forgot to mention I recieved my christmas and art cards from Julia Crossland, they are beautiful. Take a look she is a very talented artist. Her Father Christmas cards are so jolly and the art cards are beautifully illustrated with magical happy scenes. Thanks Julia I love them.

Have a lovely week, hope its filled with creativity
Sarah x x


Julia said...

Hello Sarah
Oh what a lucky lady you are to be having your very own garden studio!! I would kill for a space like that - once I came very close to taking over the spare bedroom, but as is life, I discovered my daughter was on the way so the dream of a real studio space lingers on!!
Im absolutely thrilled that you received your cards and are so happy with them, thank you for mentioning them in your blog post too!

Sending love
Julia x x x

Bobo Bun said...

What gorgeous fabric. Wonder how long before it gets homed in your workshop?

Hope the bad kittens have tidied up the dead mouse.

Lisa x

nicola said...

Those pesky kittens.

Good work OH!!! Keep it up and keep nagging.