Thursday, 18 November 2010

A mix and match

I have a christmas fair tomorrow evening, its the first one I have ever done. I am struggling to find my 'thing'. The trouble is I love crafting but I have tried just about every one. I always painted, then I rediscovered knitting, then sewing, then my friend bought me a crochet day course and I was hooked. Excuse the pun. I have had a go at felting, screen printing and I want to try extreme knitting soon, after seeing it at the Knitting and Stitching show.

I just love making thing it means I have lots of different things to sell but they are all different. I don't suppose it matters. I think I need time to discover my own style. Always working full time always meant I never had any time to craft, but since having my little one I had alot of time off and now I just do two days a week. I started rediscovering things I wanted to try and had time during his naps to craft.  How do you feel about your style?

Little OB is due to start pre- school soon so I hope to have alot more time to find out what I am really good at and develop a style. I hope to start screen printing again when I get my studio up and running. I did a 8 week course last year and loved it. Time is always the problem I need to carry a sketchbook with me to sketch ideas and things that inspire me. I would love to develop my own fabrics that I could use for quilts. I have recently read Prints Charming. They have a really interesting style with simple repetitive patterned fabric and they embroider over the top to emphaise pattern, oh dear this is turning into a bit of a critique... ahhh reminds me of school.

Anyway I have lavender birds, crocheted cushions, pencil rolls, make up bags, bunting, christmas stockings and vintage cake stands to sell. I guess I will learn on the job and find out that way.

'Hideous' thought OH but I thought it was beautiful and ever so useful here is the new addition to my house a handy stool with huge storage cupboard for fabric stashing. I suggested that little OB keeps some toys in it he considered and then said ' Bee Bees' so we shall now keep insects in it instead. What do you think?

I am obviously going to recover it in some delightful floral fabric and maybe give it a new coat of paint, I don't know if it is Lord Loom, but I apparently I am distancely related to him which is quite nice. It currently awaits it floral fate in the long line of other furniture to be restored...more jobs to do.

The roof is on my studio and its looking great and the windows arrived late yesterday. I can't wait to move in, lots to do though...
Happy Midweek!


Vintage Laura xx said...

Oooh hope the fair went good and you found your "thing" lol! Your studio is looking lovely and I am rather a fan of your distant relatives pieces, ha! Also thought I'd let you know that I nominated your blog for a "One Lovely Blog" award :-) xx

Deer Little Fawn said...

Hi there! Thanks for following my blog! :)