Saturday, 16 July 2011

Shows, reveals and prizes

This is an epic moment my spring time throw is finished.

436 squares made and crocheted together and a gazillion ends weaved in. It's been a torrid love affair we have had our ups and downs but we got there in the end.

It all started with a new book back in Febuary 'Cute and Easy Crochet' by Nicki Trench found in my local WHS. So many projects drew me in with their candy colours and bobble trims I just had to have it. Jam jars cover, crocheted teddy bears and the blanket in soft candy colours. I needed it in my life.

6 months later and it's mine all mine and I love love love it.

It's amazing that I have made it I learnt to crochet last year and have only attempted cushions so far. I can't believe I did it. I made it from rowan hanknit cotton so it is a substantial blanket and I lost count how many balls of cotton I used, I made alot of orders as I kept running out. It weighs an absolute ton I guess about 30 balls it weighs half a stone. Just don't tell my husband how many they cost he is quite good at maths he will find me out.
I was spurred on to finish when I met Nicki Trench at the country living show in London and actually saw the blanket I was making. I discussed the yarn and colour choices with her. I added some new colours on her advice, used up some oddments of yarn I had and I threw in a ball of Amy butler for good measure because they didn't have the orange colour in the handknit cotton range.
Well here it is in all it's glory.

I entered it into the local village flower show on Saturday. At 5pm I emerged from the handicrafts marquee clutching my 'Best exhibit in Crochet' trophy. I was amazed but I didn't give a gushing speech. I thought it a little over the top considering it was just me and one other lady that entered the catergory. Oh wel......l it was exciting anyway I never win anything. 

I have my japanese flower scarf to show you next I can't handle the excitment today so I'll show you that next time, also a 1st prize winner at the show.

Have a great week,


Jane said...

It's absolutely amazing, what an achievement! And congrats on winning 1st prize. x

♥coco rose♥ said...

It's stunning.........simply stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done you for completing it, it is a mammoth blanket, but it looks so gorgeous! Mine has been well used so far, hope it stands up well to it! ha ha!

Well done again, it looks amazing!

Vanessa x

Amanda Makes said...

Oh Sarah, I'm so proud of you! I'm still labouring away on my version of the same blanket so seeing yours, all done and dusted really inspires me to press on! Yours is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!I love your colour choices. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Nimblefingerssteadyeyebrows said...

436 squares, that is amazing! and a beautiful blanket well done! I am also embarking on this crazy crochet blanket project, 7 months for me and only half way through.

I love that you could enter the village flower show and that you won congratulations to you.

Carol said...

It's fabulous, no wonder it won first prize, congratulations.
Carol xx

Annaboo said...

Wow! You clever thing.
It really is a thing a beauty and will be something to treasure forever.
And winning first prize? Well deserved, I reckon.

Cuckoo said...

Do I? Don't I? I have the book, I love the blanket but can I bare all the end weaving?


Maaike said...

Hello Sarah, how wonderful of you to finish this beauty of a blanket! It is on my list of projects to start as well, I love it sooooo much... Lucky you to have it already and enjoy it! And wow, it must feel great to win a first prize after all the work you have done!

Enjoy the weekend,
love Maaike

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

Congrats on a prize well-deserved! Your patience with this project paid off big time! I love it!

Country Rose said...

That blanket is completely gorgeous. I love it! I've admired every single one that I've seen being made.. I just don't think I have the patience! Well done for winning first prize! :-)

Ashley xxx

Jill said...

Hi! Just found you via 'Annabooshouse' glad I did! I just bought the same book and have been wondering if anyone actually would make that throw... it is so lovely...Well done for finishing such a huge project! Jill :)x

Sandra said...

I have that book too and I love that blanket, but my oh my, what a lot of squares, could I ever make it? Yours is absolutely gorgeous, what an amazing amount of work. Well done, it's stunning!

S x

Annette said...

You be proud! What a beautiful piece. What patience. What a great job! You will cherish this masterpiece forever and ever. Good on you winning a prize for it, even if you were only two competing in this category (giggle...). Absoultely fantastic. Thanks for popping by at mine. I am following your adventures and can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Miss in Bloom said...

Wow, this looks so beautiful, I am incredibly jealous as this is one of my current projects and I am only 85 squares in...!!!!! 85 seems like loads so I can't imagine what all 436 will do to my mind....I might lose it!!

Congratulations to you.