Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Shhhh!! we are sleeping

Two very sleepy bunnies have their own patchwork blankets and wool stuffed pillows, with a little crochet detail. They have somewhere to hang their clothes and rest their weary heads what more could a bunny possibly need? Maybe something to occupy themselves with....

perhaps some knitting
Whilst not doing the housework I  have been playing, I found these bunny bunk beds in a local antiques yard last year and thought they would be perfect for the bunnies so I went back to save them.
It was painted a bright blue with brown varnish, under all the grime I found this cute print on the bottom of a bunk, it had been covered in sticky glue and stripey brown paper. I washed it and it actually came up ok, but it had ripped so I have saved it for a smaller project.

Here are some more lost friends in their new home.

The one at the bottom isn't too sure?
]Thanks, again to Jane from teawagon tales for sourcing me some more of the blue wallpaper. There is a little thankyou on its way to you.

Enjoy the rest of the week, I am off to find more reasons to avoid housework.


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Wow, this is fantastic, you clever lady....bet this will be loved for a long while! :) x

Gillian said...

Oh, it's all so perfect!! Lucky bunnies, they have an excellent home and such nice clothes too. You are so clever and imaginative. x

the linen cloud said...

Just gorgeous ... it will be treasured I'm sure ... Bee xx

sustainablemum said...

They are so gorgeous, what a lovely lovely creation :)

l.wilks11 said...

Just my type of girl! Able to make something out of nothing.
Your little bunnies are so delightful and look so snug in their beds.
And those patchwork duvets are just what a bunny needs to keep her warm at night.... Lucky little bunnies.....xx

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

How totally adorable!!

S x

mrsrobinson said...

Dreamy! Can I come and play?

Anonymous said...

Aww Sarah,Your so clever! Love the bunkbeds with there quilts and pillows,the wardrobe with little hangers. Love that bunny s taken up knitting must be something in the air ,ted has too :) found some tiny knitting needles in local charity shop and took photos of Ted knitting last week,great minds eh!lol
Keep avoiding the housework your creations are a dream xxxx

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

These rabbits are taking over Blogtopia!

Love the bunk bed. Rabbit bunk bed renovations ... what a uniquely excellent alternative to housework!!

Jane said...

Oh wow I love this :) I see now why you needed the paper xx brilliant xx
Jane x x

Julia said...

Bunny Bunk Beds! How adorable, love the quilts and all the photos, sweet, sweet, sweet all of them...Julia x