Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Nursery

This one is a bit overdue, seeing as the 'little miss' in question is now one year old. I thought I might share some photos with you.

She adores the vintage fabric on the pillowcase I made her from Donna Flower, sometimes I creep into her room and she is talking and pointing to the animals. I am going to make her dolly a matching one.
The little vintage top is from Little Vintage, she has worn it and it does look beautiful, it came with a matching nappy cover but it is lined in really thick plastic, needless to say they have not been worn, how uncomfortable for little ones.
The elephant mobile I made myself, its still not finished I need to add some clouds, rainbows and raindrops.
The blocks I made from an old annual that I found at the bootsale, again I always fall for beautiful illustrations. I also found the blocks there that were made in the 60's and were varnished as playing blocks.

The little toadstool Lamp I have had since I was little, my great aunt bought it for me but I have never had it on, my dad always promised to get the right bulb and put a plug on it but it never happened so now I have put that right and it works. The cat money box I bought at a bootsale for 50p- bargain!!
The pictures are from Trafalgar square on etsy, I love the illustrations and have bought some for friends as well, they are super sweet and its hard to choose. The frames were bought from Battlesbridge antiques centre as samples of a shabby chic man's work, they weren't really for sale but somehow they came home with me.
The last picture is a quilt I made a few years ago with no-one to give it to, I never thought I would have a girl after having a boy first, silly me.
And that's about it, I hope she enjoys the things that surround her, they have certainly been chosen or made with love.


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

She has a delightful little room, and she's showing all the right signs to loving the vintage too! :) x

Emma Bloom said...

Oh I heart her pillowcase (a lot!) and her dress and her quilt....everything is so pretty and as it should be in a little girls room. Well done you for making such vintage

Gillian said...

She has a beautiful room, full of things that were handmade or chosen with love. My sisters and I used to have that lamp - it now sits in the room the grandkids sleep in at my mum's house. x

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Such pretty things! What a beautiful nursery :D

mrsrobinson said...

Such a sweet pillowcase... love the crochet trim! I am still hoping to make some pillowcases with crochet edge for our bed - perhaps with not such sweet fabric! Adorable quilt too...

Bobo Bun said...

I'm with your wee one on the pillowcase, it's adorable. Such a lovely tranquil room. I think you got it the right way round making the cardi too big. Mine had always grown a size up by the time I finished making anything.
Lisa x

Heldasland said...

Its so adorable,I miss having a nursery,my children are all grown up .
your room is filled with love.