Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Fun in the sun?

Well, we had some sun on our short break to Mersea Island, not much but some, we took our little caravan, my parents and two little monkeys and set off for a bit of fun. Little OB had his cousin to play with and spent the entire time laughing with her. We have a giant bike trailer that's also a buggy so getting them and all their toys to the beach is a breeze. This was when we decided to get the tiny ferry to Brightlingsea, the ferry man had to do two trips as their were lots of people waiting, it can only carry about ten people. We had a 40 min walk to the beach where the ferry lands and about five mins until we arrived to go in the lido. Errhh the weather put a stop to those plans as it was very windy and pretty cold so we stopped at the salt water pond and its little beach and played in the sand.

We spent the rest of the break relaxing and walking along the very long sea wall taking in the fresh sea air and getting lots of exercise. I love the colourful beach huts in East Mersea especially the ones with bunting hanging up- I can't resist the pretty little flags blowing in the wind.

We had a lovely time and can't wait to go back as soon as we can. I got some crocheting done to, my hexagon blanket is growing, slowly but it is growing.

OHH it looks like I was inspired by the colours of the beach huts, maybe I was..

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