Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Splashing about

Yesterday had a promising start with a brilliant blue sky, so off to the Splash park we went. It's a outdoor, splashy, water jet park its great fun. Little OB loved it running in and out of the water jets. This only lasted about ten minutes and then he was more interested in where the water went- into the drains.

Then we had a quick walk by the river to see the boats, its very picturesque.

In the style of Bobobun we visited the Wednesday boot sale, I got a whole hour to look around before Little OB started to launch himself from the buggy. I got some great vintage buttons for the backs of my cushions and some 50's barkcloth with rich orange flowers on it. I have no idea what to use it for yet but no doubt I'll think of something. I also found a book man where I bought three lovely ladybird books, I was disappointed when he told me he started the morning with 80 books with their original dust covers. Mental note- Must go earlier next week.

Well thats it for now, Squiggle

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