Monday, 20 August 2012

I heart buttons

I love buttons, I collect them in a big jar on my dresser and look at them. Occasionally I tip them out and go through them looking at my favourites.

 I love the colours

 I love the shapes

 I love the combination of different colours mixing and matching.

I collect them from all over Carboot sales, charity shops, vintage markets, friends and relatives.  Occasionally little Man likes to play with some to put in his tipper trucks. He isn't given the good ones though in case he loses them.

My sister was given an old lady's button collection recently, sadly she had died and her daughter was looking for a home for a tin of buttons and a box full of old zips and various old haberdashery bits and pieces. So I took them in and marvelled at the collection obviously collected over many years. There are small random containers full of little buttons.

 Although i love buttons I rarely use them, they are only for special items like the baby's cardigan or Christmas stockings.

I should use them more often but I think I would miss them. Do you love buttons or something else like ribbons? That's another post my love of ribbons.


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I love your buttons too! Ada :)

thelinencloud said...

Oh ... I love buttons too although my jar is a lot smaller than yours ... I can't resist them ... but then I also can't resist ribbons, lace trims, fabric, the list goes on ... you have some real beauties ... Bee x

Gillian said...

Oh, what a fabulous button collection! I adore buttons but don;t have nearly enough. Mine are sorted by colour into clear plastic tubs for easy access. I also use them to decorate Christmas stockings - got two on order that I need to start in the Autumn, you've reminded me! x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Hi, thanks for your comment! I'm just in the process of setting up my blog email! I'm not brill with techno stuff so things take me ages! I didn't want to use my personal one as I use that for bills and household malarkey! Ada :)

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

I love buttons too, my Mum always had a button tin when I was little, and then when I was about 10 she found a load of really old buttons still on their cards in the street, I can't bear to use them, they're too special! I found a big tin full at a local junk shop for £2 last year, I already had loads but couldn't possibly have resisted that little bargain, so now I really have enough - although I think your collection is particularly special, you've got so many great colours and shapes! Thanks for showing us. Rachel x

my little red suitcase said...

what a great button collection you have been given! I still have the button box that was my mums, it's like a time capsule now, lovely! heather x

Caroline said...

Oh what lovely buttons, I love them too. I have jars for different colours. I love finding a tin of old buttons at a car boot sale and sorting through them all. x

Chloe Grice said...

Ooh, what is it about buttons?! I can't get enough of them either & I've yet to find a purpose for mine.... I had mine sorted into colours and in jars on my mantlepiece for a while, they looked really pretty :-)