Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A thank you and a giveaway!

 Sweet treats from Mr

I want to say thank you to Bee from the linen cloud for nominating me for a Liebster award. It is given to blogs which have less than 200 followers as a way to raise their profile and increase their readership.

In the spirit of the award I have to nominate five other blogs. I have found a lot of inspiring blogs lately as I have been trawling the Internet. These are a few of my favourites.
I nominate:
My rainbow vintage
Bungalow bliss
Vintage sheet addict
Jelly jam
The owl and the accordion
I hope you find inspiration at these blogs.

We have done so much this summer its hard to know how much to share. We went to Hyde hall garden, East Hanningfield last week and they had some free craft activities for the children. I was looking after my neice too so the baby, little man and me made paper, did a bug hunt through the meadow and painted some pretty pictures. It was a really great day and they all got on so well all day running about and playing hide and seek. It was lovely getting out in the sunshine.

The baby's room needs to be decorated to be her own it still has pirate decorations hanging up because I was convinced she would be a boy. So I have been thinking about what to do.I looked on etsy and found loads of mobiles that I liked but in the spirit of crafting decided I would make my own.

When she is older she will remember I made it for her, that as well as i can't now afford to buy these sorts of things with my current no job situation. I bought some felt from lupin handmade and plan to do some melcanholy elephants. I am going to do a whole post on her room when its done.

I have also started on a quilt for when she gets bigger. I am keeping it simple and just doing a patchwork of small squares. I found this one at and just love it.

I love the ditsy flower print mixed with the aqua, pinks, dark red and yellow and am going through my stash trying to get some similar together. I cut 100 squares out on Thursday night and left them on the lounge floor overnight so I could look at it again in the morning. To my disgust I came down the flowing morning and found Dexter the cat had been sick over some of the squares. Needless to say about a dozen squares had to be binned.

I just want to say hello to all my new followers that have joined lately. I hope I can write things you will be interested in.?? Maybe not too many posts on cat sick.

I think it has been long enough and I have decided to have a giveaway. There will be three prizes-

                                                  a vintage cake stand from my collection

                                               a crochet craft book and some crochet goodies

and a sewing book mentioning the 'c' word (never too early to be organised) and some vintage sewing goodies.

To win simply just enter a comment and tell me ''what's the best thing you did in the summer'' and which prize you would like to win. For another chance to win become a follower and your name will go in the hat twice. And for a third chance to win put my giveaway button on your blog.

I will draw three names from a hat (or hats)or a random number generator thingy on the 9th of September.
Please make sure I can email or contact you in some way.

Spread the love and good luck
Sarah x


Emma @ The Blooming Times said...

Ooh Sarah, lovely post. Your pic of macaroons drew me in :o) and congratulations on your award, Bee is lovely :o)

I love a giveaway and particularly love this one....of course, it has Nicki Trench in it and I'm obsessed...haha.

The best thing I did this summer was grow a baby - does that count??? :o) xxx

thelinencloud said...

Hi Sarah ... love your mobile idea and can't wait to see the little ones room completed ... I am trying to get my little girl's room ready too before she moves to her first big bed ... very exciting ...

Best thing I did this summer ... had a ball with my little ones, despite the rubbish weather ...we have had so many lovely adventures ...

Bee xx

Chloe Grice said...

How exciting to get to work on a new look for the room! I remember painting walls at midnight when pregnant with my second!

Congrats on your award!

x Chloe

Renee G said...

The best thing I did this summer was spend lots of time at the lake with my husband and 2 boys.
Love the sewing or crochet package. rsgrandinetti@yahoo(DOT)com

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Thank you so much for my Award Sarah, I'm sorry my response has been so slow! I will sort everything out next week when I'm more myself!
What a busy time you're having, the quilt will be lovely I'm sure! Oooh please put me in for the giveaway, wow you have been so generous!
We've done lots of great things this summer, probably why I'm not brill at t moment! I think our holiday in Norfolk will be my best memory...but Whitby was good too...then spending time with family in Wales was great too...then a lovely day at the coast with my good friend.....can't really make up my mind!!! Ada :)

my little red suitcase said...

hello well done on the award! What a naughty cat! the mobile is really lovely, nice idea and good luck with the quilt, and yes please can enter your give-away. I would love the crochet book! The best thing I did this summer was having breakfast in the hotel citizenm this summer the day after watching the olympics! It was such a treat, I sat there pretending I did this all the time!! Heather x

Megan said...

Well we are just heading into Spring over here but we are looking forward to our first camping holiday this summer. Would love to win the crhistmas book and vintage sewing goodies! Thanks, Megan

Fiona said...


I'm from the other side of the world but we were lucky enough to spend 4 weeks of a very hot Summer in Lebanon visiting family!!! My favorite thing there was my four year old twin boys being baptised!!!!! They were so serious about it and did very well (I could picture 2 little monkeys refusing the water on their heads!!!). So I was a very proud Mummy in the Summer!!!

I love your giveaway!!! The Sewing pack would suit me!!! Mentioning the 'C' word I just got a C&@$:mas craft book out of the library for one of my daughters - you can never be too early!!!! Thought I would try and be anyway- I'm always a last minute person!!!

Good luck with your blog - an inspiration!!!

MissMollyCoddle said...

Hi, lovely to discover your blog. It's Spring over here and we've started to get out in the garden, which will definitely be my favourite thing this summer, teaching my daughter about gardening. We've discovered worms, seed raising and her favourite, watering the garden... and mummy! Would love to win the sewing book and vintage sewing bits. thanks so much, sarah

Tracey Howley said...

we've just had our first day of spring yesterday and it was beautiful, in the summer we will be doing work on the back yard and building a new front fence(hopefully!)with the help of our little ones:)

Gillian said...

Congratulations on your blog award! I'm not surprised, your blog is lovely. What gorgeous giveaway goodies. Since I already have way too many cake stands and I own that crochet book, I would plump for the Christmas sewing prize. I love giveaways, such a fun way to share the blogging love. x

A tale from toadstool house said...

Hi Sarah,congratulations on the award,Youve such a lovely blog.I will check out the new blogs you've nominated as I dont think I' ve been to them yet :) Lovely giveaway goodies,so kind,I LOVE the look of the crochet book :) My best memory of the summer has to be our little break in corwall,it was so peaceful and relaxing....well done on making the mobile and quilt for your daughter,such a special thing to do,looking forward to reading the reveal post on her room.hope your having a great week,love julie xxx

Jelly Jam said...

Hello! Thank you so much for the nomination. It's taken me ages to get here but I look forward to reading more and taking a peak in that lucky baby's room.

Starla said...

Lovely post!!
The prize i prefer is the sewing book mentioning the 'c' word (never too early to be organised) and some vintage sewing goodies.
The best thing i did this summer was travelling with my sister!!

I follow on GFC: Starla


Sassy Breese said...

Hello Sarah, I have come from Ada at Vintage Sheet Addict. Hopping through blogs on the Leibster list is a great way to discover new sites and make new friends.

The best thing I did this summer was experience summer. We had the nicest weather EVER!

Please enter me in your draw for the cake plate.

Gill said...

Am I in time????
This summer? Kayaking off the west coast of Ireland!
I like prize #3! (or #1!!)

Gill said...

New follower!