Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Lego mania

Some call me mad others a nutcase my husband certainly thinks so i have spent hours sorting Lego. Little OB has a massed a lot from Christmas and his birthday. It all started with a free boat on a newspaper last year. He was only 2 1/2 but he took to it really well. He has never put toys in his mouth so I wasn't worried about him eating it he is quite sensible like his daddy. Does that make me unsensible? He is now 3 1/2  and he helps build the models and then distroys them to make his own creations. They are usually long boats with wheels... Lots of them and bilma's. I need to explain these, as far as we can work out they are water squirting guns. Anything long can be a bilma sticks, golf clubs, hosepipes etc, the sticking up grey bit is a bilma.

I am not a control freak nor do I have OCD but I don't like our house being messy it's too small and I  have had enough of tripping over toys and hurting my feet on Lego so it has been my aim to sort out some storage. I have searched the web for ideas and found this on I heart organising.

I don't have a link for this one but thought it was rather clever 

I then spent hours sorting into colours

Ikea seemed the obvious choice for boxes so off we went in search off trofast.

I now have Lego perfection.... But for how long?


Kate said...

So inspiration - we are completely and utterly swimming in Lego - I will get the boys to look at your blog and start thinking about what on earth we are going to do!!

Anonymous said...

Such a great idea,just found you through Coco rose blog and thought I'd say hi! I remember well stepping on Lego,oh it hurts :)
we live in a small house too,so loving all the organising links I'm going to have a nosey! Happy Tuesday,love juliex

Annaboo said...

Oh, I LOVE Lego, but no, not the associated chaos it brings with it,
Great organisational idea, too!

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Well, if nothing else, at least you started off in an orderly fashion! Ada :)

Gillian said...

Hi there - thanks for your kind comments at my blog. :-)

I love your lego storage, it looks orderly and makes sense. Storing toys is the bane of my life!

Gillian x

Attic24 said...

Funny, I did the same thing with hama beads, makes it soo much easier for the kids when the colours are all sorted. Might some day brave our huuuuuuge Lego collection...

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Oh this makes me laugh!! We have started various lego sorting systems over the last couple of years, but we've got so much we always give up. We keep it all in a couple of massive drawers, and just tip the whole lot out and rummage through it. Our house is tiny too so this basically puts a whole room out of action, but it does mean the rummaging bit keeps them busy at least as long as the building bit! Good luck keeping that lot organised, it looks fantastic but I think I'd start going doolally if I attempted anything like it - I bow to your superior organisational skills! Rachel :)

Aly said...

Yes! Finally a methd to the lego madness. My son has has inherited my brother's legos and it is out of control. I'm definetely seeting up a tidy lego station:)

Lovely blog. New follower!
Aly xx

my little red suitcase said...

wow, I just can't believe you did that with the lego!! Amazing, take lots of photos of it now....! I've just spotted your painters tray, and I have to say snap or jinx or whatever it is we say these days when we've just done the same thing!! right down to the paper from Jane. Pleased to meet you.