Wednesday, 24 November 2010

He's coming

It getting quite Christmassy around here. The temperature is dropping, snow may be on the way, and the log burner is keeping us warm.
I have listed the christmas stocking that I have made over the last few weeks on folksy hence the christmas scene. We don't usually put our decorations up until the 12th of December. They were left over from the table sale. It was quite good considering it was on Children in need night and there was very heavy fog.

I found some beautiful glass decorations in Marks and Spencer's yesterday. What do you think?

I love toadstools and the little vintage style soldier was too sweet to resist. I have looked all year for some vintage christmas baubles but found none so these will have to do. I absolutely love christmas especially getting the perfect tree and I spend hours decorating with christmas music in the background and the fire roaring away. My OH isn't interested so this year my little OB is coming up to 2 so hopefully he will want to help. Of course when he goes to bed I will have to rearrange the tree so its just so.

This a screen print I did in the summer.I got it out when I bought the decs and thought about it. I added an embroided border and green grass. I am not sure what to do with it, there are only so many cushions I need. Any ideas?

I have bought my first presents today from Cath Kidston with 15% off today it was an unexpected bargain.

Happy Wednesday
Sarah :-)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

A mix and match

I have a christmas fair tomorrow evening, its the first one I have ever done. I am struggling to find my 'thing'. The trouble is I love crafting but I have tried just about every one. I always painted, then I rediscovered knitting, then sewing, then my friend bought me a crochet day course and I was hooked. Excuse the pun. I have had a go at felting, screen printing and I want to try extreme knitting soon, after seeing it at the Knitting and Stitching show.

I just love making thing it means I have lots of different things to sell but they are all different. I don't suppose it matters. I think I need time to discover my own style. Always working full time always meant I never had any time to craft, but since having my little one I had alot of time off and now I just do two days a week. I started rediscovering things I wanted to try and had time during his naps to craft.  How do you feel about your style?

Little OB is due to start pre- school soon so I hope to have alot more time to find out what I am really good at and develop a style. I hope to start screen printing again when I get my studio up and running. I did a 8 week course last year and loved it. Time is always the problem I need to carry a sketchbook with me to sketch ideas and things that inspire me. I would love to develop my own fabrics that I could use for quilts. I have recently read Prints Charming. They have a really interesting style with simple repetitive patterned fabric and they embroider over the top to emphaise pattern, oh dear this is turning into a bit of a critique... ahhh reminds me of school.

Anyway I have lavender birds, crocheted cushions, pencil rolls, make up bags, bunting, christmas stockings and vintage cake stands to sell. I guess I will learn on the job and find out that way.

'Hideous' thought OH but I thought it was beautiful and ever so useful here is the new addition to my house a handy stool with huge storage cupboard for fabric stashing. I suggested that little OB keeps some toys in it he considered and then said ' Bee Bees' so we shall now keep insects in it instead. What do you think?

I am obviously going to recover it in some delightful floral fabric and maybe give it a new coat of paint, I don't know if it is Lord Loom, but I apparently I am distancely related to him which is quite nice. It currently awaits it floral fate in the long line of other furniture to be restored...more jobs to do.

The roof is on my studio and its looking great and the windows arrived late yesterday. I can't wait to move in, lots to do though...
Happy Midweek!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

So long Puffball and Dirty Stop out.

Its been a sad week. Two of our chickens died suddenly Dirty Stop Out on tuesday and Puffball on wednesday with no warning. We called the vet, worrying that they had something infectious. She diagnosed a respiratory disease, which she said is going around. Luckily I think we caught it in time and the remaining eight have been treated with antibiotics.

This is a painting of Puffball, a buff orpington so called because she was yellow,very large and fluffy.

Dirty Stop out was an araucana, a blue egg laying breed. She got her name because when we first got her she wouldn't go in the house at night, we would have to catch. RIP.

On a lighter note I have progressed with my blanket for Little OB. I am hand quilting in parallel lines down the strips, I love the rusticness of it.
You can see where my quilting went a little awry on the second row down. I didn't baste it together because I am too impatient for quick results and so the fabric was pulled too tightly. I have now redone the sections where this happened and its looking much better. I have the dreaded binding to do next, I will have to consult my sewing books. Any helpful tips are most welcome? Does anyone else have problems with binding? 

The roof on my studio is being started tomorrow hooray, we are having cedar shingles. It going to tone in with our summer house roof which the OH made from broken pallets last year. Hopefully i' ll have some new photos soon as long as the rain holds off.

Have a good week,

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

a space to call my own

My nagging and subtle hints has finally paid off my mystery building project is the best thing in the world. Seeing as my house is about to explode with fabric, wool and cotton flying out the windows my lovely, very clever I might add OH is building me my own work space- a garden office no less.

Its amazing and I am so excited. I have been planning it for many years since I was at school dreaming in the art room during many a lunch break spent painting. Over the years my design has evolved and my needs and taste have changed. Its strange how your taste changes isn't it.

I always wanted a large butler sink where I would wash my paintbrushes, a massive table for painting and huge windows to flood the room with light. During my studies to be a garden designer I dreamt of a Diamuid Gavin style building with a drop down draw bridge that would lean out over a shallow pond with water lilies and day lilies. Now I have reined in my design to suit a meagre budget and to be baby friendly. My needs have changed too, I don't paint much any more although when little O.B goes to pre school next year I may have the time. I now need a place for cutting, sewing and ironing and mostly storage. I have a large collection of fabric and wool now and have to buy it whenever I see it just in case I need it one day. Now I need loads of storage and I am not kidding...I can't help it I just love fabric.

Now my planning and dreams are coming true. A space to call my own I can't wait. Obviously there is still alot of work to do- electrics, plumbing for a sink, cladding it, a roof and then the never ending task of painting it. I have already planned my colours cream woodwork, cream windows and a sage green door. I have always wanted a sage green door, my mum and me always point out the particular colour we love when we visit cute country villages, my dad and OH are sick and tired of hearing ' thats the green, that one'.

Hope to show you a finished picture soon but I fear the budget won't last much longer and my OH will run out of steam. I won't mention the summer house he started two years ago that is still not quite finished. Here's hoping I will be in soon. This is more fabric I bought today I love the grey contasting with the bright flowers, 60's I think? See my problem I can't help it, it jumped into my hands screaming 'take me home -Just love me'

Ohh I forgot to mention I recieved my christmas and art cards from Julia Crossland, they are beautiful. Take a look she is a very talented artist. Her Father Christmas cards are so jolly and the art cards are beautifully illustrated with magical happy scenes. Thanks Julia I love them.

Have a lovely week, hope its filled with creativity
Sarah x x